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PPI Conveyor Pulley Shafting is a vital part of the total pulley assembly. Standard PPI Shafting is AISI 1045, which represents the higher carbon range in the open hearth carbon group. Excluding alloy steel, higher carbon content in a AISI 1045 results in one of the strongest steels in the carbon range and machines to a smooth finish. Normally, PPI uses T&P for shafting up through 5-15/16 inches. While, Hot Rolled and/or Forged shafting (depending upon size, availability, and specifications) is used above a 6 inch diameter.

Other materials, including 1018 (used for welding compatibility), 4140, and 4340 (normally used for high stressed areas, such as drive extensions) are available upon request.

Shafting can be keyed or journaled
to meet any specification.

PPI shafting capabilities cover the
broad spectrum of our customers, from unit handling to some of the largest pulley shafts in the world, PPI can handle your needs.


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