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Package Handling Pulleys

Pulleys and rollers used in Package Handling applications typically have a diameter range of 2" through 10", a

lthough larger diameters are occa

sionally required. For moderate loads, 7 through 14 gauge tubing can provide strong construction with economical pricing. For heavier loads 3/16" through 3/8" thick wall tubing is available.

What Are Package Handling Pulleys?  

These are pulleys used on belt conveyors that carry individual "units" rather than bulk material. Examples of "units” are boxes, bottles, bags, parts, and trays.

When Do I Choose Style XPU? 

Style XPU is designed for light and moderate duty unit handling conveyor applications where conveyor length, speed, and the number of unit loads per foot do not create heavy loading or high tension on the belt. XPU pulleys are constructed with gauge tubing in full crown or flat face. XPU pulley will accommodate shaft diameters less than 2-7/16”.

Examples of XPU applications can be packaging machinery, weighing systems, and food processing. Normally, these require small horsepower and smaller shafts, plus minimum diameters for compactness.

When Do I Choose Style XPT?

Style XPT is Precision's standard heavy duty machined face tube pulley line. Style XPTis normally constructed of heavier tubing for higher belt pressures and to allow for machining closer runout requirements and for special crowns such as trapezoidal or edge crown and radial crown.

Using heavier rim and end discs, this line provides rugged components for those applications that require higher horsepower, higher belt tensions, and closely controlled runout for high speed systems. XPTpulleys are offered with crowned or flat faces and bores that extend past 2-7/16”.



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