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PPI introduces the all new ProDuty® pulley. The pulley that no matter how big or how small the project, it’s the only one you need. We’re so confident in how well it can get the job done, we back it with the only 10 year warranty in the industry.

"HDD" Heavy Duty Drum Pulley

Completely redesigned using PFEA in combination with our IP life program. Steel rims, hubs, and discs are fused into an integral component by a continuous submerged arc welded bond that maximizes pulley strength, balance, and concentricity. Available with various hub and bushing systems.

  • Drum Conveyor Pulleys are constructed with a standard crown face unless otherwise specified
  • Not designed for use with steel cable or high modulus belts.




Spiral Drum Pulley

The PPI Spiral Drum Pulley is formed by a pair of vertical steel bars helically wound around a PPI "HDD" Heavy Duty Drum Pulley. This unique design reduces buildup between the belt and the pulley while providing continuous belt contact for applications where wing pulleys cannot be used. Rotation of the pulley automatically starts the cleaning action, discharging foreign material to the side of the conveyor. Available in crown or straight face and also with various hub and bushing systems.

EZ Mount Pulley System

This unique pulley and shaft arrangement allows for fast, safe, and economical bearing and shaft replacement without removing the pulley from the conveyor. It reduces maintenance time, downtime, and scrap loss by using rugged engineered stub shafts. The pulley and shaft system is manufactured to CEMA standards and Mine Duty specifications.

Engineered Class Drum Pulley

Bulk handling systems are moving to larger conveyors and increased capacities. The high modules, high tension belts require pulleys of much higher capacity and durability than standard units. PPI has the experience, know how, and equipment to custom design, using our property PFEA and P-Flex software in combination with our IP-Life modeling, and fabricate pulleys for each pulley location and application. Interior welds, thermal stress relieving, submerged arc welding and non-destructive testing are just a few of the features we have at our disposal to create the best pulley for your needs. PPI Engineered Class Pulleys are supplied with various hub and bushing systems.




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